sonali-koreTeacher can be rightly called a nation builder. Teaching is not a service , profession or a job. It is a pillar of the society. For me being an early childhood teacher requires you to be willing to wear many hats.

Being  with  these  bundle of joy I feel very happy & energetic as these kids have lots of positive energy. As a proud member of PPDC I feel  very honored   that I am a part of this great organization who is giving a contribution to build a nation by nurturing small kids.  I get ample opportunity to show my talent.

Thanks to PPDC…….


Qualified and Trained

The teachers and staff at  Pumpkin Patch are extensively trained and experienced in handling young children. They are committed to the child’s overall development and ensure a safe, nurturing environment that promotes healthy growth and self-esteem. Training workshops, conducted by reputed authorities in early childhood care, are conducted on a regular basis for the teachers to keep them updated with the recent developments in this field.


Committed and Passionate

Early childhood care is such a field where any degree of qualification will not matter if one doesn’t have an innate love for children. Every teacher at  Pumpkin Patch  is committed and passionate about the child attaining his maximum growth potential in an atmosphere of love and care.


Partnering with Families

At Pumpkin Patch , we believe that parents and the teacher of the child together can make a difference for the child. Our teachers partner with parents to keep them abreast of their child’s daily activities in the daycare and also to find out the child’s specific needs.