Onsite Crèche – Becoming a Standard at Indian Workplaces

Padma is a hardworking and dedicated team member. She loves her job and her workplace, but she also has her toddler to take care of. She drops her child at her in-laws place before going to work and picks her up on her way back home. But she needs to leave office early because her in-laws have some evening commitments. To make up for the lost time, Padma comes home and logs in again, she is very dedicated, you see.

Can you imagine how this routine fairs for her day and day out, and for months together? She finally burned out with all the to-and-fro traveling and her health deteriorated with all the physical and mental stress. Eventually, she had to leave and predictably, joined a compassionate company that offered an onsite crèche. Everyone benefits with an onsite crèche, the employer, staff and the children!

Benefits for the Child

Infants are dependent on their primary caregiver and as they grow up, the dependency increases. Children who feel secure and happy become independent sooner than others. So if you have a shy baby with high separation anxiety, the benefit of onsite crèche for such a child is tremendous.

Improved Mental Health

Crèches are not just for keeping the children fed and cleaned. These are educational places that offer high-quality early childhood education! Hands-on, active lessons help even babies engage in unique ways of problem-solving which is crucial for your child’s developing mental health. Besides, having the parent around to come and check on them during the day provides assurance your child needs in their new environment.

Physical Health

Everyone enjoys good nutrition and little children even more so. Healthy children have better communication skills, social and analytical skills. This really helps children adapt to new environment, and this stays for a lifetime. An onsite crèche has dedicated resources and offers nutritious food to your child, keeping you abreast of the menu every month.

Social Health

Onsite crèche takes care of early childhood education in a way that your child benefits both socially and emotionally. Your child learns how to interact with others, is encouraged to explore their world. Your child is also exposed to art, music, and social science that develops and improves their social skills.

Early Literacy Skills

Children who can read early or develop the love for learning early will continue their habit for a lifetime! Studies show children exposed to high-quality education are four times unlikely to fail grades or drop out of school later. Children who develop early literacy skills have better attention spans, are active and better develop their language skills too.

Love and Care

Cuddling is an important tool in the parenting toolbox. It is important for the healthy growth of the child. The physical touch triggers the release of oxytocin hormone in the brain which helps in forming an emotional bond between the child and parent. With cuddling, children feel more bonded to their parents because of the trust and familiarity. It communicates love and safety. It has been proven through numerous research that cuddling can result in happier, healthier, more curious kids. With an onsite crèche, you can keep with the “cuddle time” with your child!

Benefits for the Parents

Wondering if your child is safe or are they fed or are they ok? These thoughts coupled with the substantial traveling to-and-fro during office hours to check on your child can be so frustrating. Not to mention even physically exhausting!

An onsite crèche is just SO convenient

Whether the employer keeps the crèche on a different floor or within the same vicinity of the premises, onsite crèches are convenient for a parent to go check on their child. You can peekaboo on your baby anytime you wish. The proximity is beneficial for you and your baby!

Adding energy and cheer

Who doesn’t like to watch children play and be free? Having children in proximity to your workplace is a blessing in disguise. The “babies at work” policy improves your energy because now you are more at peace and happy, knowing your child is right here in the building, safe, and learning new things every day.

Brag to your friends!

For cultural reasons, not all companies have adopted the fantastic concept of onsite crèche, yet. If your company has, then it’s fantastic news to brag to your friends. How many working parents can proudly declare they have 99 problems but daycare wasn’t one?!

Stay engaged and productive

When you are happy and not stressing, you can now focus on your work and projects 100 percent. You know that professionals are taking care of your child at this moment. With a better focus on your work, your productivity soars and so you don’t have to work late hours or weekends to catch up anymore.

For the Employer

Citigroup was named one of the “100 Best Companies for Working Mothers” by Working Mother magazine for their 12 child care centers in the United States. Think about this for a second. Onsite crèche saves employees commute time and allows their children to be in proximity to the workplace. Employees can either spend a break or lunch with the children. Studies say the company spends up to 20 percent of time and effort to find and train new employees. Onsite crèche can boost your bottom line with improved employee retention. When you help families spend more time together, provide a secure environment for their children to thrive, you are doing the right thing.

At Pumpkin Patch, we have set up multiple such onsite crèche facilities for several companies. If you are interested to offer the innovative benefit of onsite crèche for your employees, do get in touch with me.

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