Smita Kumthekar

A commerce graduate and with a postgraduate degree in computer management, Smita has also done a post graduate diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education from Symbiosis Institute, Pune. She has also participated in a couple of professional courses in Early Childhood Education while in USA.

Smita has been with Pumpkin Patch since 2010. She has been shouldering responsibilities of being MR for Pumpkin Patch Day Care, Admin head.Now she is acting as an incharge of BlueRidge centre.

Prior to joining Pumpkin Patch, Smita has an experience of 3 years being a computer teacher in primary and secondary school and in deciding the curriculum for computers.

A few words from Smita

Any daycare centre plays a very important role in the life of working couples. Daycare is always a second home to the children. A place where they can feel the sense of belonging and security, a place where they can play, learn and grow.
Giving them unconditional love and treating them as unique individuals is the biggest gift we can give these little ones. Our endeavour comes very close to the love affection and care provided by the parents.