Why are Social-Emotional skills important?

What is significance of learning  Social- Emotional skills on a child’s Life ? Are these skills important ?? Are these skills inborn ?  Can they be acquired ?

The Stanford marshmallow experiment gives the answer to the questions. It was a series of studies on delayed gratification led by psychologist Walter Mischel in which preschoolers were offered a choice between one small reward provided immediately or two small rewards if he waited for a short period, approximately 15 minutes.

This research found that children who were able to delay eating the marshmallows to obtain the larger prize were more likely to do well in school and in their careers, decades following the study.

This ability to understand and regulate our emotions and behaviour is a vital part of social-emotional skills. Now a days, most kids are brought up, in a nuclear family, without a sibling. Due to the need of parents to be constantly connected, even during the little family together, everybody including children is involved in their own gadgets. A piping hot meal sits invitingly at the table as a small family gathers to sit together after a long day. But, instead of cheerful banter, it’s the ‘tap-tap’ on the phones or a swipe for every morsel that goes into the mouth. Sounds familiar? You might just be living in a classic modern family. But, is this what we envision as the paragon of ‘family time’? The answer is, quite simply, no

In schools too, academics is given importance over social-emotional skill development. However, many research and experiments shown that learning of socio-emotional skills is crucial for child to grow up into a successful, balanced and happy adult. Also it is important to know that learning these skills after the age of six, is difficult.  Right foundation has to be laid in these years.

What we need to know is Social- Emotional skills are not completely inborn. These need to be taught to the children.  In professional playcare like ours, we do focus on fostering these skills through activities and actions which kids enjoy like

  • Music sessions – The structured weekly music classes are designed to encourage not only listening and Socio Emotional skills but also mathematical skills like Sequencing, Pattern awareness.
  • Games and sports like Edusports – Playing at this age helps children develop their gross and fine motor skills, confidence, self regulation, teamwork and social skills like Sharing, waiting for the turn etc.
  • Expression of emotions and Naming them
  • Eating together all meals in a fun environment
  • Celebrating special days and weeks like Good citizen week
  • Role play, Puppet show and Story sessions
  • Hugging before the nap
  • Celebrations of events , fun days , cooking sessions
  • Concert and performance in front of audience

No doubt Safe Loving and Caring environment like this contribute to acquire Socio Emotional Skills at an early age.

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